Fire Bringer by David Clement-Davies

  • Sarah W p2 The fire bringer

    fiction 10-20 pages The deer finially defeat Herne's heard and Rannoch had tricked the herd at the scarfise ceremony by haveing a fawn play dead and then had him "come back to life" and it scared the whole herd. Now Rannoch is re-united with his friends and now they need to find Rannoch's real mother to defeat the sorgla.
  • Fire Bringer

    pg 362- 498 (136 pgs) I completed the book and Rannoch fufilled the prophecy. Sorrg got every species of deer to become evil and follow his ways; but Rannoch and the other outriders went agenist them and in the battle Peppa died and Bankfoot never got to tell her he loves her and Rannoch brough fire to the forest and men stopped fighting and everything went back to the way it was suppose to be and Lera need to live as Lera. Also Willow and Rannoch became mates.
  • The Pull Of Gravity by Gae Polisner Sarah w. P3

    202 pages total read 1-63
    The beginning of the story is about Nick, a freshman in highschool. He has a older brother, Jeremy and his mother is always away at work. His father is obese and usally isnt around, just sleeping. Nick gets sick ofter and he has allusions; one day he had a very scary allusion and he ran out of the house and started climbing the water tower when his friend called to him and he fell and broke his leg. Now his dad decided to walk to loose weight, he is walking to New York.
  • Fell David-clement davies

    pg read (39) Fell is telling his story of what happened after he got seperated form his family. He has the sight too and hes is explaining how Morgra tryed to convince him the evil way. After Fell takes shelter for the night in the pool of water the Sight shows Fell Larka and she tells him that he has to find and save the human child.
  • Fell pg 50

    Alina is haveing dreams of Fell and she found out where she came from and shes not a changleling at all. But her adoptive mom wants to kill her and for long 7 years she is tough as a slave, eating stale bread and sleeping in the barn outside. Fell needs to find her.
  • Update

    total pages read: 93+60+135=288
  • Fell pg93

    Fell is in the forest and hes starving. He comes across humans and then soon more hunters come trying to hunt him down. Fell is smart enough to jump the creek and they dont follow. Now he is talk with a beaver and trying to figure out the "Sight" and how it works.
  • Fell pg 138

    Fell found her and now he has to stop Ranna from killing Alin,
  • Fell pg 202

    Morgra may be alive and Alina is helping fell because he is in trouble with her and even though larka died fell can still see her visions and he needs to get away from morgra and her evilness.