Financial crisis 1900s-2017

By jkba
  • Panic of 1901

    Panic of 1901
    First stock market crash on the New York Stock Exchange
    Financial control of the Northern Pacific Railway
    Cause impart by struggles between E.H.Harrison, Jacob Schiff and J.P. Morgan/James.J.HIll
  • Bankers Panic

    Bankers Panic
    Financial crisis taken place over 3 weeks
    Mid October New York stock exchange fell almost 50%
    Nation wide man banks and local business entered bankruptcy
    Lead to the downfall Knickerbocker trust company
  • The Depression of 1920-1921

    The Depression of 1920-1921
    Sharp deflationary recession of the us and other countries
    Happened 14 months after the end of WW1
    Started in January of 1920 and ended in July 1921
  • Stock Market crash of 1929

    Stock Market crash of 1929
    Four day collapse of stock market prices
    Worst decline in us history
    Started Oct 24th and ended Oct 28th
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    9000 banks failed during the months following the stock market crash of 1929
    Lasted between 1929 and 1939
    Unemployment rose to 25%
    Worst economic downfall in history
    Wiped out millions of investors
    Recovery involved a permanent jobs program that employed 8.5 million people from 1935-1943
  • Energy/Oil crisis

    Energy/Oil crisis
    Key role in economic downfall
    OPEC oil embargo of 1973 rose from $3/barrel to $12/barrel
    US stock market went into a slump
    Workers got laid off
    Started buying oil from the middle east
    Major industrial countries faced petroleum shortages raising prices
  • Second Oil Shock

    Second Oil Shock
    Crude Oil more than doubled to $39.50/barrel over 12 months
  • Early 1980s recession

    Early 1980s recession
    Caused by federal reserves contracting monetary policy
    July 1981- July 1982
  • Bank Stock Crisis of 1983 (Israel)

    Bank Stock Crisis of 1983 (Israel)
    Bank shares collapsed following several years during when the banks had to promote share prices and make 300% higher
    Government took control of the bank and didn't sell it back to the public until 1993
    35% of stock values were lost
    Stocks of 4 largest banks in Israel collapsed
  • Black Monday

    Black Monday
    Stock Market crashed
    People lost value in their portfolios so the Government had to give out loans
  • India Economic Crisis

    India Economic Crisis
    Government closed to default
    Central bank refused new credit and foreign exchange reserves were reduced to a point where India could barely finance 3 weeks of imports.
    Currency devaluation was another cause
  • Mexican Peso Crisis

    Mexican Peso Crisis
    A currency crisis sparked by Mexican Government
    Value of Peso went down
    First international financial crisis ignited by capital flight
    In less than 18 months the Mexican economy was back up
  • Russian Financial Crisis

    Russian Financial Crisis
    August 1998 Russian Government and Central bank devalued the ruble and defaulted on its debt
    Severe impacts on economies of neighboring countries
  • Ecuador Financial Crisis

    Ecuador Financial Crisis
    All banks in Ecuador were closed for a day
    Governer Jamil Mahaad made it a banking holiday
    It was supposed to be a one day event but lasted five
    People rioted and tried to break into banks
  • Great Recession Spain

    From 2008-2013
    Caused by a housing bubble and accompanying unsustainable high GDP growth rate
  • The Great Recession of 2008

    The Great Recession of 2008
    Major worldwide economic turn down that began in 2008 and continued into 2010
    Caused by the financial crisis of 2008 as well 2.6 million jobs were lost in 2008
    The stock Market crash started on Sept 29th 2008 and it dropped 90%
    The Dow Jones Industrial average fell 777.68 points in intra-day trading which is the largest point drop in any single day of history.
    President Obama dug us out of the great recession
    The recovery has taken so long that basically anyone can take credit for it
  • European debt crisis

    European debt crisis
    Caused by the peripheral euro zone membering states of Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, and Cypress were unable to pay or refinance their government debt or bail out their beloved banks without the assistance of third party financial institutions
  • Ukrainian crisis

    Ukrainian crisis
    Caused by the president suspended preparations for the implantation of an association agreement with the European union