Film History Timeline Assignment

  • First Camera

    First Camera
    When the camera was in development, people started to look into filmmaking. Taking pictures required the long process of taking the picture and letting it sit until it was able to be seen. This would take a long time making re takes almost impossible.
  • Hollywood

    Harvey Henderson Wilcox and others founded Hollywood, which became the center of the movie industry. People would make movies through there and would help Hollywood gain a lot of money. California was a popular place to film because it was safe from the people in New York threatening upcoming movie producers.
  • Earliest Surviving Film

    Earliest Surviving Film
    A bet was placed to see whether all of a horse's feet came off of the ground while it was running. The bet was proven by a series of pictures taken while the horse was running. The moving pictures were able to show the horse's feet while it was running.
  • First movie

    First movie
    2 brothers from France were able to take EWdisons idea and expand on it. They created a projector that was able to show videos to an audience. Although they were very short, lots of people came to see them.
  • Formation of MPPC

    Formation of MPPC
    As theater performances were getting more and more popular, people started to organize how movies were showed. People paid a nickel to watch shows. The MPPC was formed to collect the money and manage how shows were done.
  • First Film with color

    First Film with color
    The first film with color produced was the wizard of oz. It was very successful and was received well by the public as a colored film.
  • First Film with Sound

    First Film with Sound
    The jazz singer only included music and effects. It was a major hit called a talkie.
  • CGIs first movie

    CGIs first movie
    The first use of CGI in a movie was in a scene of Westworld. In a few scenes, the audiences were able to look through the eyes of an evil robot.
  • Blockbuster Era

    Blockbuster Era
    The blockbuster era started out with the success of JAWS. It was perceived as a new cultural phenomenon. More movies like star wars were put out and a lot of them were successful.
  • Films transition to Digital

    Films transition to Digital
    As new technology came about, filmmakers began to switch to digital platforms. With this switch, movies were able to make faster and more interesting with new effects. New cameras and editing software helped with the transition.
  • CGI reliant movies

    CGI reliant movies
    CGIs helped bring movie ideas to life. Things that weren't real were now made real in movies. Movies in the 2000s like End Game and Aladin included this.