Film history timeline

By Rugayh
  • 1900 the Eastman Kodak company

    1900 the Eastman Kodak company
    In 1900 The Eastman Kodak Company introduced the first Brownie Camera. It uses a roll of film and it was a box camera. It cost only $1
  • 1920 Thomas Cat

    1920 Thomas Cat
    In 1920 a producer that goes by the name of Randolph Bray. He debut the first colored cartoon. Thomas Cat was the first colored cartoon made using colored film.
  • 1930 censors

    1930 censors
    Catholic Church applied further censorship guidelines. They outlined what was acceptable in films within the industry. Whatever was dreamed inappropriate in movies became a motion picture product code.
  • 1940 Pinocchio

    1940 Pinocchio
    Disney released Pinocchio, one of the best studio animation talent example. It was the second feature length animation film after their first successful Snow White and the seven dwarfs.
  • 1950 Cinderella

    1950 Cinderella
    Walt Disney’s 12th animated classic was released. Cinderella became one of the movies that would grow old and the animations still look great.
  • 1960 horror

    1960 horror
    Alfred Hitchcock’s horror film Psycho terrified audiences. It ironically was the first film to show a flushing toilet apparently. It also was the “mother” of what’s to become horror movies.
  • 1970 Disaster films

    1970 Disaster films
    Disaster films became a big thing. Watching thriller movies was a big trend that started from Airport. It was also the time when M rating was changed to PG because it was confusing term for mature audiences.
  • 1980 former president an actor

    1980 former president an actor
    Ronald Reagan was an ex movie actor who became a former governor of California. He ran for presidency and became the 40th president of the U.S. he became the first actor to serve as president.
  • 1990 Tim burton

    1990 Tim burton
    Johnny Depp starred as Edward scissorhands. This film was his breakout film. It was directed by the one and only, Tim Burton.
  • 2000 The Grinch

    2000 The Grinch
    The live-action movie called How the Grinch Stole Christmas was filmed by Dr. Seuss and starred Jim Carey. It was the highest grossing film.
  • 2010 the Warner Bros.

    2010 the Warner Bros.
    The Warner bros film company was known to be the most successful in 2010. They were the highest grossing company in 2010. They were making $1,923.9 million with marketing shares of 18.2%.
  • 2020 Disney +

    2020 Disney +
    When the pandemic hit Disney’s monthly subscription called Disney+ became a very successful business. With over 86.8 million subscribers. They are getting closer to their goal of 90 million before 2024