Fiction Catching Fire Suzanne Collins 472

  • 1-29

    Katniss lives her life trying to forget about the hunger games and goes hunting with Gale to gather food for his family because she no longer needs it.
  • 29-67

    President snow goes to Katniss' house and tells her she needs to convince the world that she didnt defy the capitol by threatening to eat the berries. he leaves and her prep team arrives to get her ready for her victory tour.
  • 67-80

    Peeta and Katniss go on their victory tour and go to distrct eleven where their speeches and talked get three people killed and Katniss and Haymich finally tell Peeta how much danger they are in.
  • 80-106

    Katniss and Peeta go through all the districts on the victory tour and then in the capitol Peeta asks Katniss to marry him and she says yes.
  • 106-139

    Gale gets caught for hunting in the woods and is whipped many times. When Katniss tries to step in to help him she gets whipped aross the face. They finally get Gale out of the whipping and take him to Katniss' mom.
  • 139-206

    Katniss decides to go hunting in the woods regardless of the new precautions that the peacekeepers set up to keep people from leaving. While hunting she meets two people who escaped from district 8 to go to district 13 which was destroyed. Finally while watching the announcement for the Quarter Quell Katniss finds out that she will have to go back into the arena.
  • 206-218

    Katniss freaks out about having to go to the games for a 2nd time. She realizes that either peeta or haymitch will have to join her in the games and so she and haymitch decide to keep peeta alive no matter what.
  • 218-249

    Peeta and Katniss get picked to go to the hunger games again and they get on the train and head for the capitol where they go on the charriot ride through the streets and live in style until they enter the arena again.
  • 249-270

    They enter the arena which is filled with water and the cornicopia lies on the shore right beyond the water. When the bell sounds everyone jumps from their pedestals into the water and swims to shore.
  • 270-328

    Katniss and Finnick reach the cornicopia first and collect their weapons when the others arrive they manage to kill two other tributes before having to go and save Peeta because he cant swim and then they all gather weapons and rush into the woods. While walking through the woods Peeta touches the force field surrounding the arena and dies.
  • 328-383

    Finnick revives Peeta and KAtniss lies to everyone and tells them that she can hear the forcefields. While walking through the woods a dense fog is catching up to them only its a poisonous gas that kills very quickly. Peeta is carried by Finnick because he is injured and Katniss cannot carry Mags so she just rushes into the gas and kills herself.
  • 383-415

    When Katniss and the others reach the water the fog stops following them and they get into the water and it starts to heal the burns they all recieved from the fog.
  • 450-472

    Katniss is rescued from the arena by Haymitch and Plutarch who are part of a resistance against the capitol. Peeta is captured and district 12 is destroyed.
  • 415-450

    Joanna mason brings Wiress and Beetee to join katniss as allies and the they recieve lots of gifts of bread and decide to set a trap for all the other tributes. The plan goes crazy and Katniss fires an arrow with an electrical cord attached to it up at the forcefield and blows it out.