FFA Important Events-Morgan White

  • Smith Hughes Act

    Smith Hughes Act
    Congress passed the Smith Hughes Act which created vocational agriculture classes throughout the country.
  • Period: to


  • Boys Only

    Boys Only
    Only boys were alowed to join the FFA agriculture class in Virginia
  • FFA is established

    FFA is established
    The national FFA convention is attended by 33 delegates
  • The FFA Creed

    The FFA Creed
    The official Creed is written and addopted by E.M. Tiffany.
  • The jacket

    The jacket
    The Blue Cordoury Jacket is adopted as the official dress
  • The NFA

    The NFA
    New Farmers of America is founded in Tuskegee Alabama.
    FFA exceeds 100,000 members.
  • Public Law

    Public Law
    On August 30, President Harry S. Truman sighns the bill and it becomes Public Law 81-740.
  • National Future Farmer Magazine

    National Future Farmer Magazine
    The first FFA magazine is published .
  • Girls Allowed

    Girls Allowed
    FFA opens membership to girls, making it posible for them to hold office and participate in competitive events at regional and national levels.
  • FFA Alumni

    FFA Alumni
    National FFA Alumni Association is charted as an affiliate of the national FFA organization.
  • FFA degrees

    FFA degrees
    First Discovery Degree is offered to midle school FFA members.