fashion trends 2000-2015

Timeline created by eckertelyssa
  • 2000

    Nightclub and "going out" attire. Clothing was mostly made in black, though silver was also fashionable. A dress shirt, a pair of pants, a camp shirt, or a jacket in a fancy metallic pattern for going out; while also compromising of items such as leather coats and pants, puffy vests and jackets, ribbed sweaters and shirts, and chunky dress shoes, usually in futuristic colors such as black, silver, light gray, and white
  • 2003

    Floaty tea dresses, satin sportswear, Chinese/Japanese styling to techno sporty. Items with cinched waists and if you are a young young girl you can cope with the latest mini skirt and mini kilt styles.
  • 2005

    Retro fashions inspired by British indie pop, garage rock revivalist groups, and the 1960s mod culture Common items of clothing in the US and Europe included bootcut jeans with a light wash, wide-leg pants, cargo pants, cargo shorts, camp shirts with elaborate designs
  • 2008

    Inspired by 1980s fashion Letterman jackets, black leather jackets like the Perfecto, windbreakers, dashiki or Hawaiian shirts, ski jackets, slim and straight leg jeans, wool topcoats, T-shirts with low necklines, neon colors inspired by rave music, roll sleeve tartan flannel shirts worn with white T-shirts, cardigans and knitted V-neck sweaters.
  • 2011

    Skinny jeans didn't go anywhere this year. In fact, they were more popular than ever thanks to a widening range of color options available Fair Isle knits and Native American prints were splashed across everything from 1980s-era cropped tops, to chunky scarves, leggings and sweaters.
  • 2015

    shirt dresses designers reimagined this classic shape with drop waists, double high slits, and more.