Fashion Timeline

Timeline created by doverisstudent
  • 1920's Fashion

    1920's Fashion
    Women no longer had to wear corsets, they instead traded their corsets in for steel. And started cutting their hair to a "bob" or the "shingle". they then soon started wearing t-shirts and women started dressing casual. Also women started wearing fur shawls and other kinds of shawls.
  • 1930's Fashion

    1930's Fashion
    Women began to wear pants instead of skirts and started cutting their gowns so they were shorter. Being tan instead of white became popular among teens and women were aloud to wear zippers on their outfits.
  • 1940's Fashion

    1940's Fashion
    Platform shoes became popular along with Aloha shirts and Bermuda shorts, and women along with men started wearing sportswear.
  • 1950's Fashion

    1950's Fashion
    Women started wearing longer and more shiny gowns along with strapless gowns and the ballerina look was in. Women also started to wear black dresses that were complemented by a necklace of pearls.
  • 1960's and 1970's Fashion

    1960's and 1970's Fashion
    Mini skirts became popular among teens and adults along with hot pants, afros, and Nehru jackets. More people began wearing Mix-matched clothing items because they became more popular also.
  • 1980's fashion

    1980's fashion
    Rubber bracelets, lace gloves, headbands, and big hair became popular. But some people wanted to return back to when women dressed proper, so many people would still wear dresses instead of jeans, and high heels instead of shoes. People also started wearing religious jewelry like movie stars and teens.
  • 1990's Fashion

    1990's Fashion
    Baby-doll dresses became popular along with wearing boots and high heels with them. Most people started wearing them because of popular famous people like Emma Bunton and the band The Spice Girls.
  • 2000's Fashion

    2000's Fashion
    People started wearing worn down pants and lose shirts and bright colors light blue green and yellow, People also started wearing short skirts and mini skirts in bright colors and patterns.
  • 2010-2012's Fashion

    2010-2012's Fashion
    Mostly teens wear bright color pants and shirts and mix-matched shirts and pants. people also started wearing very tight clothing items and low cut shirts, also wearing boots with your dresses became popular.