Fashion through the decades

By lybov
  • 1920's fashion

    1920's fashion
    In the 1920's fashion was greatly influenced by flappers. With their new style of dress and fashionable hair pieces they were a major style icon during this time. Also in style was silk and velvet in dark colors.
  • 1930's Fashion

    1930's Fashion
    In the 1930's there was a return of a more ladylike appearence. Women began to wear more practical clothes during the day, and there was a return of real glamour evening gowns.
  • 1940's Fashion

    1940's Fashion
    In the 40's the war very much influenced the fashion. During World War 2, while the men were away, the women made their suits into their own clothing. This made them have broader shoulders and less dresses. Also because of the war, clothing was made out of less fabric, and hemlines rose.
  • 1950's Fashion

    1950's Fashion
    Fashion in the 50's for women was very feminine with light colors such as light pink and seafoam green. The poodle skirt was very "in", as was the "house wife" look. During this time period, there was the Vietnam War and Dwight Eissenhower was President.
  • 1960's Fashion

    1960's Fashion
    The 1960's was an era of love and peace. Fitted skirts, bell bottoms, mini skirts, and tall boots were all in style. The Beatles and Twiggy were fashion icons during this time.
  • 1970's Fashion

    1970's Fashion
    In the 70's skirts got longer and colors were toned down. Mini dresses and platform shoes were in style, and men started to wear scarves. A style ocin during this time was David Bowie.
  • 1980's Fashion

    1980's Fashion
    In the 1980's Cyndi Lauper and Madonna were trendsetters. The 80's was all about expressing yourself. Crazy hair, sweat suits, and chains all were in style, and an array of blues and pinks.
  • 1990's Fashion

    1990's Fashion
    in the 1990's the grunge look was very "in" and so were short jackets that hugged the body. Leather become a very popular fabric, but most girls went for imitation leather instead of the real thing. Another big fashion trend among girls was the petticoat dress.