Fashion through the decades

  • 1920

    Tunic Tops
    Hip lengthed Sweaters
    Wrap over Coats
    floral dress, knee length
    silk stockings (in assorted colours)
    pant suits Shoes:
    Bar shoes
    T-bar shoes
    Mary Janes Accessories:
    Snake bracelets
    Pearl necklaces
    Geometrical shapes to symbolise modernism Hats:
    deep crowns
    medium-large brims
  • 1920's- Swim wear

    1920's- Swim wear
    wool tank suits
    undershorts- mid thigh lengthed
    bathing caps
    short/long sleeved
  • 1926

    Flapper Fashion:
    Short Sleek hair
    Shapeless shift dress- knee high
    flat chest
    Smoked with a long ciggarette holder
    Danced to jazz to show rebellion
  • 1930's

    Halter and Cowl Neck dresses
    satins, crepe-de-chines, silks, crepes and chiffon gowns
    below the knee pleats
  • 1930's- Beach wear

    Scooped back swimmers
    Swim wear colours included navy, white, cream, grey, black and buff with touches of red
    Pyjamas were worn on the seaside
  • 1933

    Schiaparelli promoted the idea of a zipper usage in clothing
  • 1940's

    Knee lengthed dresses
    Padded shoulders
    peplum dresses Shoes:
    Mary Jane Hairstyles:
    Top Reverse rolls
    Pin curls
    sides rolls
    the up do
    victory rolls
  • 1940's- Beach wear

    1940's- Beach wear
    2 piece suits were finally created!
    Bikini bottom and tops
    High waisted shorts with a bikini top
  • Late 1940's

    Late 1940's
    Ocford- Low heels worn with white socks
    Peep toe/Pumps
  • 1950's

    Accompaniment of a belt to minimise waist line with dresses
    Sleevless dresses/blouses
    high arm holed dresses/blouses
    white gloves
    single-breasted coats with notched lapels
    vented skirts Accessories:
    Pearl necklaces
    Patent leather shoes, belts, bags
    rhinestone jewellery Hats;
    Pill boxes
    tiny berets
  • 1960's

    Clothings (incl. Hippie fashion):
    Denim jeans, skirts, shorts
    Frilled shirts
    excessive usage of flower patterns
    natural fabrics
    Tie-dyed shirts
    hand-crafted clothes Mod fashion for men:
    leather jackets
    sleek gelled back hair
    denim jeans
    a shirt
  • 1970's

    Bell-bottom flares
    open-necked satin shirts
    tight/skinny disco hot pants
    Hippie fashion is still in (ref to 1960's)
    baggy trousers Shoes:
    Leather shoes
    platform shoes
    Knee high boots
  • 1980's

    Leg warmers
    tights of assorted colours
    studded leather jacket
    off the shoulder tshirts
    wide shoulder suits
    lace collars
    bold colours
    ripped tattered shirts
    tight black jeans Shoes:
    Doc Martens Accessories:
    black studded collars
    studded belts
    pearl necklaces
    faux-gold earrings
  • 1990

    Mix and match wear- e.g tailored skirt with a stretch-fabric top and smart jacket
    baggy, torned shirts/jeans
    knitted cardigans
    cargo pants
    polyester dresses
    leather jackets
    tie-dyed shirts Accessories:
    Body piercings and tattoos were in- Navel, tongue, eyebrows, nose, ear
    chinese beaded bags
    spiked accessories Hairstyles/Makeup
    Thick black eyeliner
    black lipstick
    black nail polish
    messy/untied hair
    dyed hair (usually colours such as violet, pink, green)
    straight hair
  • 2000 to present

    2000 to present
    The fashion of this decade is very varied and holds elements of dressing styles from the early 1920's until the late 1990's. Vintage clothing (from 1920's-1960's)
    Scene/Grunge look (1970-1990's)
    Hipster look- Combination of 1950's and 1970's)
    - Bandeau's/Bra's worn as top wear
    - High waisted denim shorts
    - Galaxy tights
    - Skater dresses (1920's-1960 dresses)
    - Pumps/wedgies
    Swag look (for guys)- Snap back hats, long singlets where abdominals and back epidermals are seen, 3/4 shorts, Vans