Fashion In the Era's

  • May 16, 600

    Classical Era

    Lots of the clothing in the Classical era were made of simple shapes and techniques of creating such humungas clothing. Dresses for women were draped in folds and layers and layers of fabric covering the waiste of your body.
  • May 16, 1000

    River Valley Civilization

    The River valley Era had an expensive taste in clothing or what we would call expensive today. They wore exesive jewelry consisting of gold and different accesories of such things. they wore robes.
  • May 17, 1400

    Renaissance Era

    The renaissance era was very similar to the mideival period, the only thing different was the time period of the era. the clothing was pretty same but still only the rich can afford luxury clothing.
  • May 17, 1492

    Exploration Era

    lots of fashion was for the upper class people. Rich, sumptuous materials and elegant style of clothing worn by the lower classes using basic material.
  • Revolutionary Era

    The clothing of this era was very classy mostly involved king and queens and people of wealth and upper class
  • WW I&II

    the most i can say about this era's fashion, it had to do with lots of war. by this time of age people are not as seperated so not only the upper class could wear nice things, everything was available to ever class of people.
  • Cold War Era

    Cold War Era
    russian were conflicted with fuax furs, and people until the 90's were pretty much like the world war era. until everything turned baggy
  • medieval

    Midieval eras cothing was highly influenced by kings and queens, only the wealthy can dress fashionably due to the fact that they can only afford such luxury clothing. not that anybody can afford to dress fashionably, it was by law that the lower class cant have such things in value.