• Period: to

    fashions start and strive

  • gowns with high wasits and puffy short sleeves.

    gowns with high wasits and puffy short sleeves.
  • white dresses with vibrant shawls over them

  • Fancy bodices and bonnets. No more shawls, just long sleeves

  • Fuller skirts with 3/4 length dress

  • Huge puffy sleeves and narrow skirts.

    between the 1820-1830's
  • Silk becomes the fabric of the wealthy. Frilly bodices

  • Draw strings ate the neck, waist, and sleeves

  • Woman wore their best dresses on Sundays only

  • Hoop skirts with lower waists with tighter bocies. Jacket bodices with blouses underneithe

  • Off the sholder V neack tops to dresses.

  • Plaids were all the rage. Worn still with hoop skirts

  • the bustle gown was worn by prominet familys

  • Drappery and gloves were the main things worn with the bustle gowns. Along with the bustled black dresses.

  • Evening gowns are the only ones with low neck lines

  • Sleeves are huge and dresses are only big in the back

  • the delineator

  • a new silhouette emerged from Callot Soeurs

  • Cloche hats remained popular

  • trend toward wide shoulders and narrow waists

  • high-heeled lower-platform mules--"Candies" made of molded plastic with a single leather strap over the ball of the foot or "BareTraps" made of wood becoming very popular.

  • first collection of the House of Dior

  • Ivy League look

  • suits featured lightly fitted jackets reaching below the waist and shorter, narrower skirts.

  • Mary Quant introduced the mini-skirt

  • "space look", with trouser suits, white boots, goggles, and box-shaped dresses. skirts went three inches above the knee.

  • Bell-bottomed trousers were a new alternative to the capris

  • androgynous hippie look was in style.

  • tight-fitting shorts, called hot pants

  • The jersey wrap dress

  • brief craze for transparent plastic trousers worn with leotards underneath.

  • spaghetti-strapped tank tops and shirt-waist dresses were also worn

  • Leg warmers, became a teen trend at about the same time; their popularity, and that of sweatshirts with their collars cut off

  • velley girl