Fall Of The USSR

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  • Gorbachev becomes leader

    Gorbachev becomes leader
    Gorbachev becomes LeaderMikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev became Communist Party. General Secretary succeeding Konstantin Chernenko .Gorbachev institutes wide-ranging domestic reforms and orders.Gorbachev appoints Boris Yeltsin as the head of Moscow Communist Party.He became foreign minister, replacing the veteran Adrie Gromyko.Yeltsin, establishing himself in Moscow
  • Period: to

    Perestroika Movement

    perestroika, ( Russian: “restructuring”) program instituted in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Gorbachev in the mid-1980s to restructure Soviet economic and political policy. Seeking to bring the Soviet Union up to economic par with capitalist countries such as Germany, Japan, and the United States, Gorbachev decentralized economic controls and encouraged enterprises to become self-financing.
  • perestroika starts in earnest

    perestroika starts in earnest
    Gorbachev proposed political and economic reforms before the communist Central commitee ,which included bringing a taste of democracy within the communist party.This was the begining of the Perestroika movement . He earned high support inside and outside the USSR from his movement. On the other side Yeilsten was forced out of his job as Moscow party job.
  • Problems with Perestroika

    Problems with Perestroika
    Perestroika Perestroika has been hit by political problems it is resisted by bureaucrats who try to block Gorbachev's economic reforms there has been a clarion call , calling the communists to resist his reforms.In the Baltic States, the thoughts of independence were rising. Estonia became a political front.There was interethic unrest in Azerbaijan ,Armenia, and Nagorono Karabakh.Gorbachev marched on with perestroika and glasnost.
  • yelstin elected to parlimrent

    yelstin elected to parlimrent
    Elections were held for the new parliment set up as part of Gorbachev's reforms.Yelstin won electins in Moscow and was back into national politicsLive television broadcasts of parliament later prove so popular they had to be taken off the air - because millions of workers were downing tools to watch.Gorbachev had also pulled the last Soviet troops out of the deeply unpopular and costly war in Afghanistan. A fortnight after the elections Soviet troops conduct a peaceful demonstration in Georgia.
  • Soviet bloc crumbles

    Soviet bloc crumbles
    Gorbachev announced that countries in the Warsaw Pact were free to decide on their own futures.Walesa's Solidarity movement has already trounced the communists in Poland in June elections.Across Eastern Europe people want a change. I In Hungary in 1956 and in Prague in 1968 - Soviet forces ruthlessly crushed the protests.In September, Hungary stuns the world by opening its borders with the west.
    Soveit bloc
  • Fall Of the Berlin wall

    Fall Of the Berlin wall
    The Berlin Wall was torn down, leaving the people waiting for Gorbachev to react with his forces but he did not respond. i The people enjoyed the Fall of the wall and wer full of joy.Czechoslovakia alsobroke free bloodlessly in the Velvet Revelution.Romania also got freedom but with riots and bloodshed.Gorbachev was becoming more unpopular at home. Shortages had worsened since his economic reforms began, and living standards were falling. Dissatisfaction with perestroika started to take hold.
  • Period: to

    Dying but not yet Dead

    The old Soviet ways are dying but are not yet dead. In mid-January Soviet troops moved in to break up demonstrations in Azerbaijan's capital, Baku.Boris .At least 100 people died, possibly more. Yeltsin publicly resigns from the Communist Party. http://goo.gl/atY2U http://goo.gl/LN7qi
  • The end of the USSR

    The end of the USSR
    Economic collapse
    The USSR comes to an end and the Russian Federation becomes and independent country. Post-Soviet Russia lacked military and political authority and power that the Soviet Union had. Prior to the end of the Soviet Union Boris Yeltsin was elected the President of Russia. This was the first direct presidential election in Russian history.
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    Russians are allowed to vote for their president for the first time

    http://goo.gl/tQuxp http://goo.gl/S6BDT Even though they are still a part of the soviet union, the russians are allowed to vote on their president for the first time. They chose Gorbachev's arch-rival Yeltsin. During this time, Soviet president Gorbachev, Russian president Yeltsin, and the communist old guard all wanted to have the power for themselves. http://www.youtube.com/wathttp://www.historyorb.com/russia/intro.shtmlch?v=yZnNMM2afdU
  • Coup Begins

    Coup Begins
    [Coup begins](http:///www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/russia/soviet-collapse.htm) As Gorbachev is about to sign a deal with the republics giving them greater freedom, the plotters make their move. Tanks roll into the city of Moscow and occupy strategic positions. Gorbachev is on holiday, but as yeltsin hears of the emergency, he siezes the moment and rushes to the russian parlaiment to begin organizing a resistance.
  • Gorbachev Returns

    Gorbachev Returns
    Gorbachev resignsGorbachev return to Moscow from his detention in the Crimea. The coup ha collapsed on 21 August because of the armed forces' reluctance to support the plotters. The hardliners killed many protesters leading to failure of power, this led many leaders to return to Moscow to explain the situation.After Gorbachev returned Yelstin ordered the soviet communist party to end its activities in Russia.The next day Gorbachev resign from the party.The Russian flag alongsided the Soviet Flag in Kremli
  • USSR disbaned

    USSR disbaned
    USSR collapsedBaltic states decide to seperate followed by Moscow officially recognising there status as sovereign state.Ukarain,Georgia,Armenia broke.On 8 December, at Belovezh Forest near Minsk, it was decided to disband the Soviet Union form the Commonwealth of Independent States On 25 December, Gorbachev announced that he was stepping down as Soviet president. The Soviet flag was lowered from the Kremlin.