Valerie plame

Fair Game: Valerie Plame Scandal Timeline

  • Joseph Wilson Sent to Niger

    In Febraury 2002, the Bush Administration sends Joe Wilson to Niger to investigate an intelligence report claiming that Saddam Hussein bought yellowcake uranium from Niger in the late 20th cantury. Wilson finds these allogations to be baseless.
  • George W. Bush's State of the Union Address

    In an speech addressing the nation, Bush stated "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa." despite Wilson's investigation.
  • Invasion of Iraq

    The US invasion of Iraq began March 20th, 2003. The primary reason given for the invasion was the presence of WMDs in Iraq, suspected to exist because of a)the purchase of aluminum tubes and b) the purchase of yellowcake uranium (which Wilson disputed.)
  • Dick Cheney/Scooter Libby: Valerie Plame Identity

    According to meeting notes, Cheney knew Plame's identity before Novak's article was published.
  • Joe Wilson Opinion-Editorial

    Titled "What I Didn't Find in Africa". The article detailed Wilson's trip to Niger and suggested that the information of yellowcake uranium was fabricated.
  • Novak outs Plame

    Robert D. Novak, whose articles are syndicated throughout the US, names Valerie Plame as "a [CIA] operative on weapons of mass destruction [WMD]"
  • Matthew Cooper cites Gov

    In a Time article, Matthew Cooper claims that government officials revealed Plame's identity.
  • Period: to

    Investigations and Trials

    Investigations and trials lead to the release of many facts:
    -A senior white house official, in speaking to the Washington Post, made it known that at least 6 reporters were aware of Plame's identity before Novak published his article and were told "purely and simply out of revenge."
    -Rove denies all involvment.
    -An ABC reporter claims that a source is certain of Bush and Cheney involvment.
    The closing date marks Scooter Libby's date of sentence for 30 months in prison.