Evolution of the Playstation

  • The Beginning

    The Beginning Playstation (PS) brand was introduced in Japan with a line of electronic equipment including, three home consoles, a media center, an online service, a line of controllers, two handhelds and a phone, as well as multiple magazines.
  • Playstation 2

    Playstation 2
    The playstation 2 was released on this day, it is still the most popular game system of all team with over 150 million sales.
  • PSP

    The PSP was the first handheld system to compete with the Nintendo DS. It can store games, movies, pictures, etc.
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  • Playstation 3

    Playstation 3
    Playstation WikipediaThe playstation 3 was released this day, it is the first game system to have many components, such as HD, Blue-ray, etc.
  • Playstation Network

    Playstation Network
    Playstation WikipediaThe Playstation Network was released on this day. It has over 50 million users and is the most popular online game network.

    Playstation WikipediaThe SIXAXIS controller was the original controller used for the popular game system (PS3) it was quickly replaced with the Dual Shock 3 because of the lack of vibration tech.
  • Dualshock 3

    Dualshock 3
    Playstation WikipediaThe Dualshock 3 was released this day, it is similar to the Siaxis controller but with vibration technology, used to know when you are shot, crash, etc.
  • Playstation 3 slim

    Playstation 3 slim
    Playstation WikipediaThey Playstation 3 slim was released in 2009, it is smaller, lighter, takes up less power and has the same amount of storage space.
  • Playstation Move

    Playstation Move
    Playstation WikipediaThe Playstation Move was announced on this day, it is similar to the Wii, but using the Playstation Eye Webcam as the seeker, and using wands.
  • Playstation Store

    Playstation Store
    Playstation WikipediaOn this day the playstation store had its 600 millionth download.