Evolution of Energy!

  • Coal is found!

    Coal is found!
    Coal has been found in Richmond, Virginia! In the next years, it will be used for generating electricity and steel production all over America.
  • First steam-engine!

    First steam-engine!
    James Watt patented the modern-day steam engine, which ran on coal.
  • The first windmill

    The first windmill
    Daniel Halladay and John Burnham work to build and sell the Halladay Windmill, designed for the American West. It had an open tower design and thin wooden blades
  • Oil is first discovered!

    Oil is first discovered!
    Oil is found when a homemade rig drilled down 70 feet and came up coated with oil in North western Pennsylvania.
  • The sun can be used for power!

    The sun can be used for power!
    Auguste Mouchout from France was able to convert solar radiation directly into mechanical power
  • Let there be light!

    Let there be light!
    Edison created the first incandesant light bulb! In only twenty years, electricity will begin to replace natural gas for lighting purposes.
  • UMWA forms

    UMWA forms
    The United Mine Workers of America was formed to protect coal mine workers.
  • The Electron is discovered

    The Electron is discovered
    J. J. Thomson from England discovered the electron. This would later lead to the discovery of Nuclear Energy.
  • Gasoline demands!

    Gasoline demands!
    9 million automobiles in the United States make a high demand for oil. Gas stations are opening everywhere.
  • Wind to Energy!

    Wind to Energy!
    The first wind turbine rated over 1 megawatt began operating!
  • Rewards for solar energy!

    Rewards for solar energy!
    California ensures a 25% tax credit for the capital costs of renewable energy systems.