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Evan Thomas Kruder

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  • Evan's birthday

    Evan's birthday
    Martin Luther King DayEvan Thomas Kruder was born at 6:36pm on Monday, January 17, 2011. He weighed 8lbs. 4 oz. and was 19 inches long. It was Martin Luther King Day and Benjamin Franklin's birthday!
  • Evan had colic

    Evan had colic
  • Period: to

    Evan had colic

    Evan had colic, which is a condition where the baby cries pretty much for no reason at the same time every day. Probably there is a reason, but doctors don't know much about it yet! Evan cried almost every day from 4:00-6:00 in the afternoon. The only thing that made him happy was to be in this Moby wrap and walk around with me (mostly becasue he usually fell asleep!).
  • Evan smiles for the 1st time!

    Evan smiles for the 1st time!
    Why you should smileEvan smiled for the first time on purpose on March 1. He had smiled before by accident, but he smiled that day at our friend Melissa making faces at him.
  • First time eating solid food

    First time eating solid food
    Solid foods for babyOk, so this picture isn't actually from his first time with rice cereal - that day, he screamed and cried like he was being tortured! This was a couple days later when he figured out that he did at least like to play with the spoon.
  • Evan moves on from cereal

    Evan moves on from cereal
    How to make baby foodEvan's first experience with "real food" instead of baby cereal was carrots and he loved them! Unfortunately for Mr. Kruder, he sneezed after his second bite and Mr. Kruder got covered in carrots!
  • Vacation!

    OIBEvan went on his first vacation in July, 2011. We went to Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Evan loved the ocean!
  • Halloween

    History of HalloweenEvan was a lion for Halloween this year! He loved trick-or-treating because he liked being able to choose shiny candy out of our neighbor's bowls.