Ernst mayor

Ernst Mayor, The timeline.

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    Ernst's life

  • Ernst is born

    Ernst is born
    Ernst was the second son of Dr. Otto Mayr, he was born in Kempten, Germany.
  • studied at staatsgymnasium

    studied at staatsgymnasium
    This is the school in Dresden where Ernst completed is highschool education.
  • Unviersity of Greifswald

    Unviersity of Greifswald
    he entered the university taking the medical route as he was trying to follow in family tradition. so he did not continue in this route
  • Red-crested Pochard

    Red-crested Pochard
    He spotted this species in the lakes of Moritzburg. It hadn't been seen there since 1845 and many people questioned if it was legitimate. Becauseo this he got a job as a volunteer in the ornithological section of museum. which he said was like "someone gave him the keys to heaven"
  • University of Berlin

    This is the date he completed his doctorate in ornithology under Dr. Carl Zimmer.
  • New Guinea

    New Guinea
    Ernst went to New Guinea on a bird expetition with Walther Rothschild. they collected thousands of bird skins and he named 38 new orchid species.
  • American Museuem of Natural History

    American Museuem of Natural History
    He accepted a curatorial position here. he played an important role in brokerign and acquiring Walter Rothschilds collection of Bird skins. He continued to work for the Amercian museuem of natural history where he mentoired upcoming bird watchers and created alot of publications
  • Systematics and the Origin of Species

    Systematics and the Origin of Species
    This is Mayr's most popular writing and it contains Mayr's Biological species concept. This is an important and useful idea to date in biology for animal speciation.
  • Harvard University

    Harvard University
    He was a professor of Zoology, He also served as director of the Museum of Comparative Zoology from 1961 to 1971.
  • Darwin-Mallace Award

  • Daniel Giraud Elliot Medal

  • Retirement

    he retired as a professor of Zoology showered with honors. he published over 200 articles after his retirement.
  • Crafoord prize

  • Death

    He died at the age of 100 in his retirement home in Beford, Massachusetts.