Erikson Timeline

Timeline created by erterry
  • Trust vs. Mistrust

    Trust vs. Mistrust
    Jack (less than one year) is constantly crying because he is hungry and wants to be held, but his mother is not paying attention to him. In Erikson's first stage, trust versus mistrust, the crisis is determined on the primary source of support. If the needs are not constantly met, then Jack can develop a sense of fear of others he comes in contact with.
  • Initiative vs. Guilt

    Initiative vs. Guilt
    Jack (4 years old) is now in preschool. He has plenty of questions for his mom to answer about the world around him. Many of his questions are asking, "Why?" He notices his mother getting irritated with him asking so many questions so he feels he is being a nuisance. In Erikson's third stage, initiative versus guilt, the crisis is that Jack starts to have more imagination and curiosity for the world. He then asks questions, but if mom seems annoyed he backs off. which can hinder his learning.
  • Intimacy vs. Isolation

    Intimacy vs. Isolation
    Jack (24 years old) is spending another Valentine's Day alone. He has not had a romantic relationship since his break up in high school. He has trouble trusting other people so he keeps to himself. In the sixth stage of Erikson's theory (intimacy vs. isolation), the crisis is forming a relationship with a companion and create a connection for a long-term commitment. Because Jack is isolating himself, he starts to go through depression and developing anxiety.