Energy Use in the U.S. Overtime

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  • We've Struck Coal!!

    We've Struck Coal!!
    The first record of coal in the United States was shown on a map made by Louis Joliet. It showed coal along the Illinos river.
  • Period: to

    Energy Use in the U.S. over time

  • Coal discovered!

    Coal discovered!
    Coal was discovered near Richmond, Virginia
  • Oil

    By accident as Europeans began to setttle oil was discovered in northwestern Pennsylvania and western New York while they were drilling for salt brine.
  • Natural Gas has arrived

    Natural Gas has arrived
    Natural gas was used in Baltimore to fuel street lamps. During the 19th century this form of natural gas was used as a lighting fuel in Europe and north America.Back then natural gas was extracted from coal.
  • wood!

    wood becomes the most common way to provide heat for homes,cooking, and buisnesses.
  • Hydro power comes on the scene

    Hydro power comes on the scene
    Hydropower was beginning to be used for electricity. The first hydroelectric plants wereused to power arc and incadescent lighting. These plants were Direct Current Stations.
  • Let there be Light!

    Let there be Light!
    Edison launches the first iteration of the modern electricity industry with the Pearl Street station, the first modern electricity generating station. The utility serves 59 customers.
  • Solar Engine

    Solar Engine
    John Ericsson (United States) invented and built a solar
    engine that used parabolic trough construction.
  • Wind energy

    Wind energy
    Charles F. Brush used the first large windmill to generate electricity in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Hydro-power

    Development begins on the Niagara Falls hydroelectric project, a massive plant designed to transmit power to Buffalo, NY, more than 20 miles away. The era of central generation and long-distance transmission begins.
  • Ethanol used to help us move

    Henry Ford built his first automobile, the quadricycle, to run on pure ethanol.
  • Geothermal goes Commercial -Scale

    Geothermal goes Commercial -Scale
    The first commercial-scale development tools were placed in California at The Geysers, a 10-megawatt unit owned by Pacific Gas & Electric to produce geo-thermal energy
  • Hot Dry Rock!

    Hot Dry Rock!
    Scientists began to develop the first hot dry rock (HDR) reservoir at Fenton Hill, New Mexico. An HDR power facility was tested at the site in 1978 and started to generate electricity two years later.
  • Geothermal Changes U.S.

    Worldwide geothermal capacity reached 6,000 megawatts.
    Thanks to geothermal resources a food dehydration facility in Nevada processed 15 million pounds of dried onions and garlic in a year. An assesment of 10 western states reported nearly 9,000thermal wells and springs.