Energy use in the U.S.

  • Coal

    Proximal to Richmond, VA was America's first comercial coal mine
  • Natural Gas

    Natural Gas
    William Hart dug the first successful well for natural gas. His findings started the Fredonia Gas Light Company which became the first American natural gas company.
  • Oil

    "Colonel" Edwin L. Drake found the first recorded U.S. oil in Pennsylvania with a homemade rig.
  • Wind Power

    Wind Power
    Charles F. Brush constructed the world's first automatically operated wind turbine in Cleveland Ohio. Wind power has bee present in America since the 18th century
  • Hello Hydroelectricity

    Hello Hydroelectricity
    Vulcan Street Plant Opening: This was the first Edison hydroplant in America
  • Solar Collector

    Solar Collector
    Clarence Kemp pattend the world's first comercial solar water heater
  • Municipal Solid Waste

    Municipal Solid Waste
    New York City begins experimenting with garbage-to-energy processes
  • Ethanol returns

    Ethanol returns
    Congress repeals a 50 year tax on Ethanol allowing it to be used as an alternate energy source
  • Atomic energy

    Atomic energy
    Arco, Idaho became the first city in America to be completely powered by nuclear energy
  • Greetings Geothermal

    Greetings Geothermal
    Souther California"s Imperial Valley opens America's first comercial binary plant