Energy Use in the US

By 8272960
  • Coal

    Coal is now being produced commercially in the US. (Richmond, VA)
  • Wood

    (No specific date given when I say Jan 1st) Wood becomes the nation's primary energy source.
  • Model T

    Model T
    Henry Ford releases the Model T- a complete automobile produced on an assembly line. This popularized automobiles (and gas) among Americans.
  • Discovery of Oil

    Discovery of Oil
    Oil begins to spurt from the first oil well in Bahrain.
  • Atomic Energy Act of 1946

    Atomic Energy Act of 1946
    After WWII, the US looks into the peaceful uses of Atomic Energy. It helped prevent the misuse of Nuclear energy and gave power to the government to ensure the responsible use of such technology along with its allies.
  • Petroleum surpasses wood

    Petroleum surpasses wood
    Natural gas and petroleum become the new primary energy source of the US
  • Peak Oil Theorized

    Peak Oil Theorized
    Shell engineer, M. K. Hubbert, realizes that oil is limited and sees the resource is finite. This is called "Peak Oil". Oil production has reached its peak and is plumitting down the bell curve.
  • Nuclear!

    Nuclear energy becomes our second largest source of energy, surpassing hydropower.
  • It's Electric

    It's Electric
    Ford introduces one of the first electric cars, "The Impact".
  • Clean Energy

    Clean Energy
    Barack Obama and Hu Jintao announce an agreement to strengthen cooperation between China and the US on the use of clean energy.