Energy Use in the United States

  • Lightning

    Benjamin Franklin flies a kite with a metal wire during a thunderstorm and proves that lightning is a form of energy marking the beginning of developing electricity.
  • Coal

    Coal use skyrockets being use as the primary energy source for railroads as well as a source of fuel in the home.
  • Gas Lamps

    Gas Lamps
    Baltimore, Maryland becomes the first city to light their street lamps with gas made from coal.
  • Oil

    Edwin Drake drills for oil in Titusville, Pennsylvania for the first time and is successful.
  • Wood

    Wood becomes the most popular source of fuel for heating homes and cooking and is relied on heavily by both homes and businesses.
  • Lighting Households

    Lighting Households
    Thomas Edison starts the first coal-fired power station in New York City to supply electricity to light households. It is the first modern electricity generating station.
  • Hydroelectricity

    Development begins on the Niagara Falls hydroelectric project which is designed to provide energy all the way to Buffalo, NY.
  • Gasoline Cars

    Gasoline Cars
    Henry Ford introduces the Model T, the first successful car that runs on gasoline or ethanol.
  • Solar Power

    Solar Power
    The first photovoltaic cells are invented to convert sun into electricity. They are used first in the space program to power satellies.
  • Nuclear Power

    Nuclear Power
    The first commercial nuclear power plant goes into service in Shippingport, Pennsylvania, creating energy by splitting atoms of uranium.
  • Electric Automobiles

    Electric Automobiles
    General Motors Corporation introduces one of the first electric automobiles, called "The Impact".
  • Wind Energy

    Wind Energy
    Shell Wind Energy is established focusing on the development and operation of wind farms