Ben franklin

Energy Timeline (specific dates are incorrect)

  • Coal

    The production of the first coal mine began
  • Ben Frank

    Ben Frank
    Ben Frank discovered that lightning is electricity
  • Gas Lights

    Gas Lights
    Streets of Baltimore, Maryland are lit by lights fueled by coal
  • Electric Motor

    Electric Motor
    Michael Farady creates first electric motor
  • Natural Gas

    Natural Gas
    Natural Gas Well
  • Oil Wells

    Oil Wells
    Oil Well drilled
  • Edison

    Thomas Edison creates first coal powered station that gives electricity to light households
  • Natural Gas Plant

    Natural Gas Plant
    First natural gas plant opened in West Virginia
  • Geothermal Power

    Geothermal Power
    Geothermal power discovered
  • Solar Sattelite

    Solar Sattelite
    Sattelite uses sun power