• Proof of Electricity

    Proof of Electricity
    In the month of June in 1752 (no day given), inventor Benjamin Franklin proved the electrical properties of lightning (including positive and negative charges) by attaching a key to the end of a kite and flying it in a storm so that when lightning struck the kite, the charge could be felt in the key.
  • First Electric Battery

    First Electric Battery
    In 1800 (no specific date given), Alessandro Volta invented the first electrical battery. The volt is named in his honor
  • Invention of the first lightbulb

    Invention of the first lightbulb
    In 1806, Humphrey Davy invented the first lightbulb. As a primitive, version of the modern lightbulb, it produced a blinding light between two charcoal rods and was unusable in the home. It was later used in lighthouses. (No exact dae given)
  • Discovery of Solar Energy

    Discovery of Solar Energy
    Solar Energy was first discovered in 1838 by Edmund Becquerel (no exact date given)
  • First successful US oil drilling

    First successful US oil drilling
    On August 28, 1859, at Oil Creek near Titusville, Pennsylvania, two men - George Bissel and Edwin L Drake - successfully drilled up oil for the first time in the US
  • First Water Power Turbine

    First Water Power Turbine
    In 1878, an inventor named Lester Allon Pelton created the first water powered generator (although water power was not successfully harnessed until nearly a decade later). (no exact date given).
  • First Electric Car

    First Electric Car
    In 1899, the first electric car was created in Cleavlend, Ohio by the Baker Motor Vehicle Company (No exact date given)
  • Discovery of Geothermal Energy

    Discovery of Geothermal Energy
    On the fourth of July, 1904, Geothermal energy was first discovered and tested by a group of people in Italy.
  • Discovery of the Neutron

    Discovery of the Neutron
    In 1932 (no actual date given), James Chadwick discovered the neutron, which was the first step in harnessing nuclear energy
  • First nuclear reactor

    First nuclear reactor
    In 1942 (no actual date given) the first nuclear reactor was built after studies in the 1930's led to the harnessing of nuclear energy