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  • Ben Franklin's Kite

    Ben Franklin's Kite
    Ben Franklin ties a key onto a kite string during a storm, proving that static electricity and lightning are the same.
  • First Fuel Cell

    First Fuel Cell
    Sir William Robert Grove developed the first fuel cell, a device that produces electrical energy by combining hydrogen and oxygen.
  • Incandescent Light Bulb

    Incandescent Light Bulb
    Thomas Edison invents the first incandescent bulb that can burn for 40 hours. By 1880, they could burn for 1200 hours.
  • First Hydro Plant in USA

    First Hydro Plant in USA
    The first commercial hydro plant in the United States begins operation in Appleton, Wisconsin. The plant uses a waterwheel to drive DC generators to produce 25 kilowatts.
  • Steam Turbine Generator Invented

    Steam Turbine Generator Invented
    Steam turbine generator, capable of generating huge amounts of electricity, was invented by Sir Charles Algernon Parsons.
  • Wind Power Comes to the USA

    Wind Power Comes to the USA
    In Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. scientist and businessman Charles Brush builds the first wind turbine to generate electricity. It is 17 meters tall and has 144 cedar blades, and has an electrical capacity of 12 kilowatts.
  • Biomass Energy

    Biomass Energy
    Vegetable oil is used as a diesel fuel when German inventor Rudolf Diesel demonstrates that a diesel engine can run on peanut oil.
  • First Geothermal Power Plant

    First Geothermal Power Plant
    Italian scientist Piero Ginori Conti invents the first geothermal electric power plant.
  • Photoelectric Cells

    Photoelectric Cells
    Photoelectric cells are discovered
  • First Functioning Nuclear Power Plant

    First Functioning Nuclear Power Plant
    In Russia, the world’s first nuclear power plant started generating electricity.