enders game sience fiction by orson scott card -324

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    enders game

  • 0-76

    in this section ender has been hooked to a monitor most of his life because he is a chosen child for these testings to see who would ,ake good generals in the army so now he is getting his monitor off and he thinks he has failed the testing but whet is actualy goiung oh his they are still monitoring to see how he feels with the monitor off and he passes that test so they come to hishouse to send him off to space school to train.
  • 77-110

    in this section he is put into a new room were he is being put onto a group for his team and ghe meets dink a person who becomes one of enders good friends
  • 111-138

    enders sister and brother become world wide with there speaking because they take on fake people and become amazed w3ith there speaking
  • 139-316

    this section was all about the parts were he wasx doing game after game with new rules and more and more attacks on his group. also was about after he finished his last assiment on this group he went back to earth and saw his sister and they bond and had a moment. but then he was tookin to another school were he had to play this game to help him win wars b ut what really was happening was he was controling ships and sending them to attack real buggers and so he really killed them and won the war
  • 317-324

    in the end he and his sis take a ship to the bugger planet to start a new life and use their world. when he arives he sees that they made a thing for them and left him an egg so he makes it his misssion to find a home for the buggers that will be safe for them