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Enders Game

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    Enders Life

    enders life
  • Launch Group

    Launch Group
    Over the course of his time in the launch group Ender learned many things. He learned first and foremost how to make friends out of enemies. And he learned not to wait for an enemy to be ready. During his first time in the battle room Ender teamed up with Alai, Shen, and Bernard began flashing the other kids in the lauch group who complained about the fairness of the matter saying that they werent ready, even though they had the same ammount of time in the battle room as Ender and the others.
  • Salamander

    During his time with salamander army Ender learned that a good commander learns to accept change and that soldiers should step out of the line of command if it is for the benefit of the army. Ender learned how to not be a good commander while in Salamander. Bonzo Madrid spent too much time trying to enforce rules and keep his army under him, Ender realized how that sort of command could be bad for an army.
  • Rat

    During Ender's time with Rat army he learned another way of how not to command an army. Bonzo (Commander of Salamander) and Rose the Nose (Commander of Rat) Were almost complete opposites. Rose the Nose was overly relaxed with his army and could care less what they did. He did not enforce any kind of discipline or order. Ender learned that even though being terribly hard on an army like Bonzo was bad, being overly relaxed with an army like Rose was bad as well.
  • Dragon

    When Ender gained command of his own army he learned many things. First he learned that an army with no experience can be very easy to teach, because they do not need to unlearn anything. Ender could start from scratch. Ender also learned that formations were not very important. Ender did not have his army drill as a group instead he had them drill in toons and half toons. They did not practice formations because Ender let the toon leaders decide how their toon was going to attack.
  • Command School

    Command School
    During command school Ender learned how to control individual ships, small sections of a fleet, and eventually the entire IF fleet. He learned while using his starship captains that he can't push people too hard or they wear out to fast. Ender learned to use his captains wisely and in moderation.
  • Command with Mazer

    Command with Mazer
    When Ender was in command school, specifically his time with Mazer Rackham, he learned that he needed to think like his enemy. He learned this his first morning when Mazer was unexpectedly in his room and the two began to fight. Ender did not know what was going on or what Mazer was thinking and so he could not win. So from then on he tried to think like his enemy