Emily Campbell Hot Zone

  • Germany

    The first outbreak was found in Germnay where a man who worked in the monkey house got infected. He infected 31 others and only 7 died.
  • Ebola Sudan

    Mr. Yu G began bleeding out of every opening in his body and he was the first victim of Ebola Sudan. It killed many people before it suddenly stopped.
  • Ebola Zarie

    The virus appeared out of stillness but the first human case was never indentified.
  • Yambuku Mission Hospital

    It's a clinic run by nuns who got the Ebola virus . A school teacher was the first to get virus. Then it broke out into 55 villages around the hospital. People who got the shot were the first to get infected.
  • Sister M.E.

    She got sick with the virus first and the priest sent her to somewhere else to get better treatment.At the new hospital, the walls were stained with her blood later on after she died.
  • Virus Explodes

    Mayinga, the nurse, got infected with the virus. The virus then explodes from the hospital to other villages around the hospital.
  • Mr. Yu G

    He got infected with the virus but did not get treated. He died on a cot with his family.
  • Hospital Virus Bomb

    The hospital were giving the patients shots with dirty needles and that's how they believe the virus spread. The virus changed the hospital into a morge.
  • Mayinga

    She took care of a Nun who died of Ebola and bled all over her.
  • Gene Johnson

    He thawed some of her blood and put it into the monkeys and once they got sick; they got treated but the drug was not working.
  • Panic In Zaire

    Mayinga went to another hospital to get treatment and the military was sent to try and stop the infection.
  • Sister E.R. and Mayinga

    She begins not feeling well then later on she has Ebola as well. Manyiga took care of Sister M.E. and she got blood on her. She is the source of the outbreak.
  • Murphey

    He placed her cells on a microscope and saw that the virus in her was supposedly Marburg.
  • Patricia Webb

    She ran Marburg tests and saw that none of the tests of her blood reacted to Marburg.
  • Africa

    Karl and his colleuages flew to Africa to try and stop the virus in Sudan and Zaire.
  • Charles Monet

    He was a Frenchman and he lived alone. He loved animals and he worked in a Nzoia Sugar Factory. He was an amateur naturalist. He's 56 years old and makes love to prostitutes.
  • Charles Monet

    He took a prostitute to Mount Elgon to accompany him on his Christmas Vacation. A monkey was on his shoudler as he fed him a banana.
  • Monet Gets To Hospital

    Monet waits in the waiting room until he drops to the ground and starts bleeding out of every opening in his body. Monet throws up in the doctors face.
  • Phone Call with Jerry

    Jerry was away and Nancy called him to tell him about the incident with the monkeys blood.
  • Nancy Jaax was introduced & had a close encounter

    Nancy cuts her hand on a can of food. At work, she is disecting monkeys and the infeected monkeys blood gets on her inner space suit. She almost got the monkeys blood into her open wound on her hand.
  • Nancy has an Ebola Scare

    She cut her hand while opening a can of green beans. She was operating on a monkey when she believed that she got the infected blood in her wound.
  • Disecting

    Nancy gets the monkey out of the cage and took it to the room to be cut open.
  • AirBorne

    The Ebola virus was found to be air borne when the monkeys in the rooms started dying.
  • Peter Cardinel

    A boy from Denmark went to visit his parents in Africa and he got infected. He was linked to the same place Monet was, which was Kitum Cave. Hte researchers went to go see what in Kitum Cave could have caused this.
  • Kitum Cave Visit

    Johnson and his crew went to Kitum Cave and started to find ways Ebola could have been spread in teh cave to the human life.
  • Moving Day

    Nancy and Jerry move into another home

    USAMRIID found out that there's a virus and the CDC was notified.
  • Reston

    Hazelton accepted a shipment of monkeys from the Phillipines. When arrived, two monkeys were found dead in their crates.
  • Jerry's Brother

    Jerry's brother was killed in his office.
  • Volt

    Both monkeys who were ill eariler died later in the night so he decided that he should have a disection done on both monkeys to find out what killed them.
  • Crab Eating Monkeys

    Another shipment of the monkeys came and he put them in Room H, two doors down from Room F, where the other monkeys were dying.
  • Bill Volt

    More monkeys started dying and Volt began to get worried about the monkeys in that certain room.
  • Monkey O53

    He wanted to get a positive point on what caused the monkeys to die. They believe that the way the spleen is that it is siman hemorragic fever. Siman hemorragic fever is highly contagious to monkeys and he needed to stop the outbreak as soon as possible.
  • Exposure

    Thomas Geisbert is an intern at the institute. He started researching the mysterious virus and him and Jahrling sniffed the flask with the unknown virus in it.
  • Thanksgiving Nov 20-25

    Nancy's father was dying of cancer. Jahrling had heard the news of the 5 monkeys who died in Room H...two rooms down from the room where all the monkeys were killed off due to an unknown virus.
  • Results

    The virus ended up being a close neighbor to Ebola. Jerry Jaax was put to run this operation.
  • Medusa

    He has a diamond knife and he cut slices and put them onto a droplet of water. It was a filovirus and it was shaped like a rope. He now figured out that it was Marburg and he was freaking out because him and Pete sniffed the flask which contained Marburg.

    Tom had pictures of the virus and he took it to his boss, Jahrling. His boss thinks that it's a little to big to be Marburg and he doesn't think that Tom is sure on this one. Jahrling decided to show it to C.J. Peters. C.J. is hesitant and decided to start doing test to find out what it actually is.
  • Ebola Zaire Resubmerges

    He tested the blood of Nurse Mayinga and he saw that the monkey had the same thing as her. He tested it twice and got Ebola Zaire both times.
  • Authorities

    The authorities were called about the Ebola Zaire outbreak. The fatality rate was 50-90%.
  • Garbage Bags

    The rest of the monkeys died and were put into garbage bags and given to them to do disections on.
  • Killings

    The scientist began killing the monkeys because of the virus but when he cut them open, they looked perfectly healthy.
  • Reconnaissance

    Dalgard had the Army clean up Room H. Also, Nancy's father died of cancer.
  • Employee Sick-Monkeys Gone

    An employee got sick from the virus by working with the monkeys. The Army comes in and wipes out the monkey population.
  • Frantig

    He could possibly have Ebola Zaire. He was found throwing up outside the insititution.
  • Employees

    Two eployees were now sick with what could be Ebola Zaire.
  • Bad Day

    Thomas Ksiazek has spent days in the lab trying to find out a faster way of an Ebola Test. Also, a monkey escaped from the institution.
  • Decon

    The last monkey was killed and bagged. But 10-15 more were found and Nancy told them to decon the remaining monkeys because she was done.
  • Decon

    They scrubbed the building with bleach
  • Cleared

    The monkey house was cleared and they found out that Ebola Reston was not leathal to humans.
  • Another Outbreak

    Monkeys again began to have bloody noses. The virus has come back again for another time. They didn't have to kill all the monkeys because all of them died anyways.
  • Author Visits Kitum Cave

    He visits the cave and finishes The Hot Zone by saying that Ebola will be back.