Edger Allan Poe

  • Poe is born

    Poe is born
    Edger Allan Poe
    Born in Boston
  • Period: to

    poe's life

  • Parents died and he became an orphan

    Parents died and he became an orphan
    He was orphaned at the age of two and was adopeted on Dec 19 1811
  • School

    The Allan family sailed to england and was enrolled in school
  • First poem

    First poem
    Edger Allan Poe wrote his first poem
  • He runs away

    He runs away
    He ran away from his foster parents and went to Boltimore
  • Solider and Writer

    Solider and Writer
    He becomes a solider and a publised writer
  • Death in the Allan family

    Death in the Allan family
    Poe's Foster mom dies of tuberculosis
  • Dropout writer

    Dropout writer
    He gets kicked out and publishes more stories
  • Married

    He married his thirteen year old cousin who died of tuberculosis when she is 27
  • Dead

    He was found past out in the gutter and died 3 days later in the hospital