Edgar Allen Poe

  • Edgar Allen Poe is Born

    Merican writer, editor, and literary critic. poe is best known for his poetry
  • Poes sister is born

    poe deserts famil leaving mother with thrr=e children
  • Poes parents die

    die of TB, family split up both edgar and roslaine adopt their foster families name as their middle name.
  • Poe writes his firs poem.

    15 years old.
  • Poe enlists in the U.S. army and shortly after is first book is published.

    Edgar allen Perry, the author is listed only as "bostonian".
  • Poes older brother dies

    Dies of either tb or cholea at the age of 27
  • poe marries his 13th cousin: Virginia clemm.

    27 marries 13 year old cousin in richmond virginia
  • poe writes his first novel

    Poes first novel, The narrative of arthur gordon pym, is published.
  • Tales of Grotesque and arabesque.

    poes collection, Tales of Grotesque and arabesque is published in two volumes.
  • poe publishes the Poem, The raven.

    t is wildly successful, bringing the writer the fame and fortune that have long eluded him. He soon becomes editor and owner of a magazine called the Broadway Journal, a doomed enterprise that is already in debt when Poe takes over.
  • Poes wife virginia, dies of TB at their home in the Bronx

    Poe has been so despondent during the final months of her illness that friends thought he was going insane. The loss of his wife sends Poe into a downward spiral of alcoholism.
  • edgar allen poe dies

    After being found unconscious in a Baltimore gutter, Edgar Allan Poe is taken to the hospital and pronounced dead of causes still unknown. He is buried at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Baltimore.