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Edgar Allen Poe

By jesfis
  • Edgar Allen Poe's birth

    Edgar Allen Poe's birth
  • Period: to

    Edgar Allen Poe's lifespan

  • Edgar's parents separate

  • Edgar's mother dies

  • Mr. and Mrs. John Allan adopt Edgar Poe

  • Edgar Allan goes to school in England

  • Edgar comes back to the US to finish schooling

  • Edgar attends William Burke

  • Edgar inherits his uncles fortune after he dies

  • Edgard drops out of school because John Allan wouldn't give him any money

  • Edgar joins the US Army because he can't support himself

  • Edgar comes home because Mrs. Allen dies.

  • Edgar wins a contest because he sent in "Manuscript found in a bottle" One qoute from it is, "a deficiency of imagination has been imputed to me as a crime"

  • Edgar writes "Ligeia", one qoutes from that is, "That it is of a remotely ancient date cannot be doubted"

  • death