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  • Poe is born

    Poe is born
  • Period: to

    Edgar Allen Poe

    The guy who spent his life on the outside is now, a century and a half after his death, considered a member of the inner circle of American literature. It's an ironic twist that Poe himself might have approved.
  • Parent's Death

  • The Allen Family Sails to England

  • Sails back to Richod Virginia

  • First Poem

    A fifteen-year-old Edgar Allan Poe pens his first known poem: "Last night, with many cares & toils oppres'd,/ Weary, I laid me on a couch to rest.
  • Poe Goes to college

  • Poe's foster mother, Frances Allan, with whom he was still close, dies in Richmond.

  • Edgar's older brother Henry dies at 27

  • Poe—now 27 years old—marries his thirteen-year-old cousin, Virginia Clemm, at a ceremony in Richmond, Virginia.

  • Poe's first novel, "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym," is published.

  • Poe is hired as an editor at Burton's Gentleman's Magazine, a job he holds until June 1840.

  • While singing at the piano, Virginia begins to bleed from her mouth, a symptom of untreated tuberculosis. Her illness grows progressively worse.

  • The Broadway Journal folds due to serious financial problems.

  • Poe proposes to a poet named Sarah Helen Whitman, who agrees on the condition that he quit drinking. Poe can't live up to the promise, and Whitman calls off the engagement a month later.

  • Poe travels to Richmond and convinces his childhood sweetheart, Elmira Royster Shelton, to become his fiancée. He joins the Sons of Temperance, an organization that forbids drinking (sort of like a nineteenth-century equivalent of Alcoholics Anonymous). T

  • Death-Day

    After being found unconscious in a Baltimore gutter, Edgar Allan Poe is taken to the hospital and pronounced dead of causes still unknown. He is buried at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Baltimore.