Edgar Allan Poe:crazy life

  • Edgar Allan Poe Born

  • mom died

    his mama died of tb when he was 3 years old
  • first love died

    whe was 15 his first love died of brain cancer
  • book reveiw

  • step mom died

    his step mom died of tb
  • falls in love

    he falls in love with his 12 year old cousin
  • letter

    he wrote a letter to his wife
  • requested goverment job

    requested goverment job, while intoxicated
  • the raven

    he published the raven in earn 14$ and his wife was trucked with tb
  • death

    his wife/cousin virgina january 30 1847
  • Death

    it is not known what caused his death but his alchoholism probly had something to do with it