Edgar Allan Poe

  • An Author was Born

    Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston to Elizabeth Arnorld Poe and David Poe.
  • Parent's Death

    His mother dies of tuberculosis in Richmond Virigina and his father dies of the same thing.
  • Gets Adopted

    Edgar Allan Poe was adopted by john and Frances Allan when Poe's parent died.
  • England

    They moved to Loudon where Edgar rnrolled into a school.
  • Back to the U S A

    Five years later the moved back to Richmond from England
  • College

    Poe enrolled into the University of Viriginia half way through the adcamic year.
  • Spilts with the Allans

    Poe got into several arguement with his foster father John he ditched the family.
  • Soldier and an Author

    Poe enlisted into the U.S Army under a fake name Edgar A Perry. And he wrote his first book too.
  • Death of His Foster Mother

    Poe's foster mother dies in Richmond Virginia
  • West Point

    He went to The U.S Military Acadamy at West Point
  • Death of his Brother

    His older brother Henry dies of Tuberculosis.
  • Southern Literacy Messenger

    Poe takes the job as an editor at Southern Literacy Messenger Magizine.
  • Marriage

    Poe - 27 marries his 13 year cousin Virginia Clemm in Richmond Virginia
  • Moves North

    He takes his wife and his mother in law to New york City
  • Death of his Wife

    His wife dies of tuberculosis in her home in the Bronxs.
  • Death

    He was found unconscious in a Baltimore gutter. Edgar was pronounced dead of a cause still unknown