Econ of the 1980's

  • 1980s Recession

    1980s Recession
    This was a recession that happened in 1980 to 1983 was one of the worst recessions after WWII. This was caused by tight monetary policy in an effort to fight mounting inflation.
  • Farmer Crisis

    Farmer Crisis
    A financial crisis happened in the midwest to farmers giving them high debt loads. This was caused by the federal reserve as they decreased the value of farm land by 60%
  • Unemployment in the 80s

    Unemployment in the 80s
    Unemployment during the 80s had a weird change. 1980 was when the unemployment rate was low coming in from 1979, it was at about 5.9% unemployed but then sharply went up in April of 1980 going to a percent of 6.9% only to increase in May to 7.9%. When it got really low was in 1982 in November - December when it reached to about 10.8% unemployed, this rate was the highest since the great depression. It estimated about 3 million people unemployed during this time.
  • 1980s Recession Ends

    1980s Recession Ends
    The government gradually loosen monetary policy and used tax cuts as well as stimulative effects meaning the government gave many effects to try and raise the economy.
  • The build up in 1985 - 1986

    In 1985 was when the economy started to build up after the recession in the early 80s. the economy grew a total of 2.5%. You also have 1986 following with a growth of 2.8% in economy growth adding them together to make a total of 6.8% increase in those two years.
  • TAX REFORM OF 1986

    TAX REFORM OF 1986
    This was big for citizens bring the tax for ordinary income from 50% to 28%, but it did raise the bottom tax rate from 11% to 15%. This was the first time ever that the higher tax rate was lower and the lower.
  • Black Monday Market Crash

    A Crash That started in the US but affected the world. On the day October 19, 1987 the stock market crashed 20.6% the most to fall in a day. This caused fear and economic instability for a while.
  • Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

    This spill happened on the shore in Prince William Sound Alaska, 1,300 miles of water was contaminated. This caused over 300 million dollars in help to fix this, as well as business near the shore to suffer as most have relied on fishing and other things to do with water.