Eben Byers incident

  • Eben was born on April 12, 1880

    Eben was born on April 12, 1880
    -Yale graduate
    -1906 Won Champion in amatuer golf
    -Father made him president of Girard Iron Company
  • Wiliam J.A Bailey

    Wiliam J.A Bailey
  • The year RADIATHOR launched

    The year RADIATHOR launched
  • Eben’s Injury

    Eben’s  Injury
    -Eben fell from his railway sleeping berth and injured his arm on his way to one of his matches
    - He was in pain and decided to go to a medic to get rid/speed up the process
  • Byers' Fatal purchase

    Byers' Fatal purchase
  • It was too late

    It was too late
    -Eben finally stopped his high consumption of radioactive water
    - His upper and lower jaw had decayed, also known as radium jaw. It was then surgically removed which left him a gaping hole where his mouth used to be
    - His nerves were so melted by the sustance, so he no longer felt the pain. His body was rotting from inside out and his bones and tissues disinigrated
    - Byers consumed over 1,400 bottles
  • Eben's death

    Eben's death
  • Eden's Radioactive Body

    Eden's Radioactive Body