Earlys 80's to early 00's Vocab

  • Air Traffic Controllers Strike

    13,000 out of 17,500 of (PARO) Walk off/went on strike, hoping it would disrupt public transportion.
  • Equal Access Act

    Compelfederally funded secondary schools to provide equal access to after school programs
  • Gramm Rodman Hollings Act

    The first binding that imposed federal spending and after the case became part of the U.S. Budget.
  • Iran Contra Scandal

    During Reagans Admisition the public finds out the he is selling weapons to Iran
  • Westside Community School Distict V. Mergens

    A case that involded a school district abilty to hold Biblie Studies after school
  • Reno V. ACLU

    All nine Justices of the court striked downed Anti-Indecenly
  • Mitchell V. Helms

    Permissible for loans to be made to religous schools
  • Bush V. Gore

    Case witch resloved the 2,000 election in favor of Bush witch made him President of America