Early Events Leading To American Documents

  • Jun 10, 1215

    Magna Carta is Drafted

    The Magna Carta Means In Latin "The Greater Charter". This Document was force to be signed by King John, by the Barons Of Medieval England.The Document Stated that The King Would Govern England And Deal With Its People According To Feudal Law. The Barons Created This Document To Stop The King From Abusing His Power Over England.
  • Petition Of Rights

    This Had Many Restrictions To Follow, No Taxes Can Be Valid Without The Consent Of The Parliment; no one can be imprisoned with out the reason to enclose them; No Solider may enter upon a house with out a consent from the home owner.
  • Bill Of Rights

    This Documents Was To Restrict The Royal Family To Their Power. Such As Dismissing The Parliament’s laws. If The Parliaments Wanted To Create A Law, The Royal Family Can Not Interfer In Anyway. Also It Was Restricted To Raise The Tax Money To A Certain Limit.
  • Stamp Act

    Britain Decided To Tax Newspapers, Pamplets, etc. it all had to have an offical tax stamp stating that the person has paid the tax to purchase it. The Colonist Were Angered At This New Act From Britain
  • Townshend Acts

    This Act Was To Make New Taxes On glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea. The Colonist Were Enraged With This Act. Soon The Act Was Repealed.
  • Boston Massacre

    Was Also Known As The "Incident On King Street". During The Boston Massacre, British Soliders Killed Five Civilian Men And Injuried Six Others. The British Troops Were Stationed at the capital of the Province of Massachusetts Bay.
  • Tea Act

    Britain Decided To Raise Taxes On Something That Would Affect The People Who Lived In The Colonies At The Time. So He Has Raised The Tax On Tea To Pay For The Taxes That No Colonist Would Pay Him
  • First Continental Congress

    Convention Of Delegates from Twelve British North American Colonies.It Was Held In Carpenters' Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.It Was A Response To The Intolerable Acts By Colonial Americans.
  • Second Continental Congress

    This Was Held With The Delegates From The Thirteen Original Colonies. It Was Held Soon After The American Revolutionary War Started. This Gathering Was To Start Talking About Becoming Independent From England and their war efforts to be prepared for war.
  • Common Sense

    Was First Published anonymously but later was found that Thomas Payne had Written it. He Wrote It With The Help From Benjamin Rush. This Pamplet Was To Inform The Truth About The "Englishmen" Meaning Britain.
  • Declaration Of Independence Signed

    THe Document Was Signed To Declare Independance From England. It Was Signed By 56 delegates to the Continental Congress. On July 4th 1776 And Was Written By Thomas Jefferson.