Earl Warren

  • Born in Los Angeles, California

  • Period: to

    Earl Warren

  • Appointed Alameda County district attorney

  • Beame Govonor of California

  • won re-election

  • Won third-term as govonor

    Longest span as Govonor Of Caliornia in state history.
  • appointed to Chief justice of the supreme court

  • Brown v. Board of education

  • NAACP v Alabama

  • Bates v City of Little Rock

  • Street v. New York

  • Earl Warren resigns as Cheif Justice of the supreme court

  • Earl Warren dies

  • Earl Warren College is founded at the University of San Diego

  • Posthumously awarded the Presidential medal of freedom

  • Texas V. Johnson is decided

    The Court favors individual rights and protects burning flags as a form of expression.
  • Westside community schools V. Mergens decision

    The Supreme Court decided in favor of Mergens allowing students to create religious based clubs. The Court supported this by explaining the clubs were started by the students therefore the teachers and the school were not in violation of the Equal Access Act.
  • Lawrence and Garner V. Texas decision

    Through the use of the due process clause the court favored Lawrence and Garner. The Court stated that the state had no right to intrude on the actions of an individuals personal life. This decision followed in agreement with Warren's court decison Bates V. City of Little Rock ;on the issue that states should have no interest in the private life on an individual.