District of Columbia V. Heller

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  • The Case Begins

    The Case Begins
    On March 18th, 2008 a special police officer from Washington D.C. applied for a handgun licence, so that he may keep a handgun in his home. He was denied the right to have a gun in his home by the District Of Columbia. He in turn filed a law suit, against the state, and took the case to the Supreme Court Of The United States.
  • Explaning The Second Amendment

    Explaning The Second Amendment
    Dick Heller, a special police officer from Washington D.C. filed a law suit, against the District Of Columbia saying that it was his right to have a gun since it was in the second amendment. As well as this he wanted to make sure that people especially police officers would not have to get a gun registration. The District Of Columbia had a gun ban, and as well as him the rest of the state were not allowed to own hand guns, and could not keep them in their home.
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    The Timeline Of The Case

  • The Tides Change

    The Tides Change
    The Case Turned In Dick Heller's favor, and what happend was that the D.C. circut shifted. The Supreme Court said that the total ban on guns went against the constitution. The ruling is Washington D.C. was subject to change because they said that all guns in the home were banned. Owning a gun was a right that all people were entitled to once registered, and they should not be banned for owning a gun.
  • Gun's Are Needed For Protection

    Gun's Are Needed For Protection
    The Supreme Court ruled that having gun's in the home was part of the constitutuon. Guns would be needed in the home for protection against, robberies, or anyone else that would try to break into the home. A police officer should certainly be able to have a gun in the home, for his own protection for himself, and his family.
  • The Case Ends

    The Case Ends
    The Supreme Court Ruled in favor of Dick Heller, and annonced to The District Of Columbia that the " spcecial cop" should be able to have a gun in their home. Not allowing someone especially a cop to have a gun in their home woukd be going agaisnt both the constitution and the second amendment. Everyone in the state as well as Dick Heller who wanted to own a gun, were also banned from owning one as well making life difficult for gun lovers, and owners.