dick butkus

By CS3195
  • Butkus was born

    Butkus was born
    Dick butkus was born on Decmebr 9th 1942. He was born in illinoise were we lived the rist of his live on. He was born the youngest of his family and he had four older brothers .
  • Chicago Vocational High School

    Chicago Vocational High School
    Dick butkus went to this high school for four years of his whoe high school care. He played football there and played football with them all four years. that is were football care started.
  • maried

    In 1963 Dick butkus got married to Helen Essenberg. They had three kids. They also leve in illinoise were butkus was rised at in his nambhood.
  • All-American,

    In 1963 Butkus he played in collage . he got all american football player that the collage he played for. He played for the unavirsed of illioise.
  • draft in the nfl

    draft in the nfl
    Dick butkus got drafted in to the nfl 1965. He played for the chigiao bears he played their the whole time.He played collage football and he played football in illinoise his whole life.
  • movie 2

    movie 2
    Butkus played in the movie the gus the movie is about this kid playing in a movie with a soccer gme. How this kid wanted to be a god scoccer player. So they had this guy come and help the little kid out.
  • Playing for chicogo

    Playing for chicogo
    Dick butkus played for the bears for nine years. He ended is career he was broken down with a bad need that he had . So their for he had retire for the nfl.
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame

    Pro Football Hall of Fame
    http://www.profootballhof.com/history/general/draft/1965.aspxIn 1979 Dick butkus got to go and play ing the pro bowl. he was the frist peron from chigio to go anf play in the pro bow. He went back many and many year to the pro bowl.
  • Blue Thunder (TV series)

    Blue Thunder (TV series)
    This is a tv station were he played at and how he had to enjoy kids. He also had to be a goot acter on the stage and stuff to be nice, He got to be on a lot of tv show.
  • Butkus award

    Butkus award
    Butkus Award Site
    In 1985 they made a butkus award so people who play hard. The award can go to high school and collegae linbackers. That award is award that is giveing to linebackers that do great thing in high school.
  • moive

    Dick was flim in the movie the longest yard. He played a sceen in the movie abou the football part . He play in that movie and alot other movies in he had ben in with other people.
  • Growing Pains

    Growing Pains
    Dick got to play in the show growing pains. He played in that move and was wacth with that and that is what he did. He also played in a alot of other tv showss.
  • Any Given Sunday

    Any Given Sunday
    Any given sunday is about a movie about this football player and hwo he gets ready to play football. He get ready all the time but he gets hurt bad and does not get to play. He had to quiet his football carres.
  • I have played clean award.

    I have played clean award.
    http://www.thebutkusaward.com/In 2008 The buktus awarId put more stuffin to it and one of it is if the I have played clean act. Dick saids that kids dont have to use steriods to play football.He thinks kid should play with out them .
  • FedEx

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FedExHe did helped in the fed ex commerical that is what he did. He played in that was to help to sponser the fed ex. He got paid alot of money from that comerical.