Development of the Atom

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    Development of an Atom

  • John Dalton was born

    He was born.
  • John Dalton Experiments

    Experiments with gases first became possible in the nineteenth century. Which then John Dalton in 1803 started a modern day thoery of the atom. (Atomic Theory)
  • Daltons new system. (1808 - 1827)

    Dalton consolidated his theories in his new system of chemical philosophy.
  • John Dalton died

  • J.J Thomson (Joeseph John Thomson)

    Born in Cheetham Hill, Manchester.
  • Ernest Rutheford was born

    Born in Nelson, New Zealand.
  • Ernest Rutheford's Quantum model. (1871-1937)

    He demonstrated experimentally that the atom is not solid as previously assumed, but that it has an internal structure consisting of a small, dense nucleus about which electrons circle in orbits.
  • J.J Thomson Adams Prize

    Thomsons interest in atomic structure reflected in his treatise on the motion of vortex rings. That won him the Adams Prize.
  • Niels Bohr was born

    Born in Coepenhagen
  • J.J Thomson Expirement

    Thomson Experiments in Physics. His application of dynamics to Physics and Chemistry started in 1886.
  • Ernest gets scholarship.

    In 1889 he was awarded a University Scholarship.
  • Ruthefords first research.

    His first researches were concerned with the magnetic properties of iron. He was one of the first to design highly original experiments with high frequency, alternating currents.
  • Thomsons Discovery

    Thomson discovered the electron in 1897. He was trying to split it up to smaller parts.Dalton realized to improve it that the relative weight of the oxygen atom must be 5.6 times as large as the hydrogen atom.
  • Niels prize and experiment.

    Academy of Sciences in Coepenhagen announced to give him a prize for the solution of a certain scientific problem. After it he started to take up an experimental and theoretical investigation of the surface tension.
  • Niels Bohr took Masters.

    Took his masters degree in Physics.
  • Making it better.

    He made it better by researching the properties of the radium emanation and of the alpha rays. Method of detetecting a single alpha particle
  • Niels Masters

    He took his doctors degree (masters).
  • Quantum Thoery (20th Decade)

    Quantum theory started in the 20th decaded, but really got better in the 1920's. Quantum Theory deals with the tiniest things we know, the particles that atoms are made of, which is subatomic particles.
  • Niels Bohr making experiment better.

    By him introducing concepts borrowed from the Qauntum theory, Which had gradually come to occupy a prominent poisition in the science of Theoretical Physics, He succeeded in presenting a picture of Atomic Structure.
  • Niels Bohr died.

    Died in Copenhagen