Death of a salesman for vibrant jung thing 2

Death of a Salesman - 10 important events

By galen22
  • Willy turns down offer

    Willy turns down offer
    After contemplation, Willy decides not to go with his brother, Ben, to Alaska in search of gold. This is a decision that he will regret for the rest of his life.
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  • Football game at Ebbet's Field

    Football game at Ebbet's Field
    Biff is offered scholarships to play football at three different schools. His is the star of his football team and his father is very proud of him. This is the peak of he and his father's lives.
  • Biff goes to Boston

    Biff goes to Boston
    After failing his math class, Biff takes a train to Boston to see his dad. Biff asks Willy if he can talk to his teacher for him to get him credit in order to graduate. While he is there, Biff sees a naked woman at Biff's apartment. Realizing his father is cheating on his mother, Biff runs off and never graduates.
  • Willy comes home

    Willy comes home
    Willy returns home, exhausted. He came home early from his business trip because he was having trouble concentrating on driving.
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    The Present

  • Willy dies

    Willy dies
    After an arguement with his family, Willy tells himself that Biff must love him because he cried in his arms, and Willy's delusions of Biff's success are restored. The rest of the family goes to bed while Willy's insanity comes to a climax. He is talking to Ben then he realizes that Ben is not there. He enters his car, and drives away quickly. It is presumed that he crashes the car and dies.
  • Biff goes to see Oliver

    Biff goes to see Oliver
    Biff goes to see a former boss named Bill Oliver to ask for a loan to start a business with his brother. After Biff waits for six hours, Oliver doesn't remember Biff and he only gives him a minute of his time.
  • Willy dines with his boys

    Willy dines with his boys
    Willy goes to a dinner that he arranged with his boys. Happy wants Biff to lie about his meeting with Oliver to give their father some optimism, but Biff tells him the truth. Willy gets upset and goes a little crazy, and when Willy leaves the table, the boys leave the restaurant to go out with a couple girls.
  • Arguement prior to Willy's death

    Arguement prior to Willy's death
    The whole family gets in an arguement after Biff and Happy come home from their dates. Biff gives his father a piece of his mind and agrees to leave for the better of the family. He cries into his father's arms.
  • Willy gets fired

    Willy gets fired
    Willy goes to his boss, Howard, who is a son of a friend who passed away. He asks Howard not have him travel any more. Howard says that he can't make that happen, but Willy continues to state his case. The conversation progresses to an arguement and Howard fires Willy.
  • Willy's requiem

    Willy's requiem
    Linda wonders why no one showed up to the requiem as well as why Willy killed himself when they were so close to paying off their bills. Biff argues that he wasn't happy as a salesman which makes Happy angry. He vowes to stay in town and become a great businessman. Linda requests privacy. She tells he deceased husband that she can't cry because it feels as if he is just on another business trip. She also says that she just made the last payment on the house and that they are free.