Damian of Molokai

  • Birth

    Tremelo, Belgium
  • Joined Sacred Heart Fathers, became a Pipcus Brother

  • Assaigned Hawaii Mission

    Damien was allowed to take the place of his brother Auguste because of illness. He had been praying before a picture of St. Francis Xavier every day for three years. This was an answer to his parayers
  • Arrived in Honolulu

  • Ordained a Priest

    (at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace)
  • Hawai'i legislature passes 'Act to Prevent the Spread of Leprosy'

    This act prevented lepers from having contact with others, as Leprosy was thought to be contagious. It quarentined them in settlements such as Kalaupapa
  • Contracted Leprosy

    Put his foot into scalding water- his foot blistered, but he felt nothing
  • Built orphanages

    After Father Damien discovered he was dying, set up an orphanage, so children whose parents had died of leprosy and had it themselves could be looked after properly on the island. He also had many other actions taken to help the lepers of Molokai.
  • Died

    (at Molokai, 8.00 am age 49)
  • Body taken back to Belgium, Birthplace

    Taken to Leuven at request of Belgian government
  • Beatified

    by Pope John Paul II
  • Decleared "Venerable"

    Unknown time- 1977. This is the first of three steps that lead to sainthood.
  • Placed on Liturgical Calendar

    His feast Day is celebrated on May 10. In Hawaii, it is celebrated on the day of his death, April 15.
  • Recommended to sainthood

  • Canonisation

    by Pope Benedict XVI