Currency Timeline

Timeline created by kimmer
  • Colonial Coins

    Colonial Coins
    Some coins were minted in America at this time, but most money was foreign.
  • Post - Revolutionary Money

    Post - Revolutionary Money
    After the Revolutionary war, the US decided to replace the colonial coins with American coins.
  • US Mint

    US Mint
    The US mint began minting coins in 1794, but many foreign coins remained in circulation until the 1830's.
  • Paper Money

    Paper Money
    Paper money started to be mass printed, before that the only paper money was from two chartered banks.
  • National Banking Act

    National Banking Act
    Made standards for currency, also taxed state bank notes. Lots of banks went out of buisness.
  • Federal Reserve Act

    Federal Reserve Act
    Establishment of current banking system in America
  • WW1 and Changing Ideas

    WW1 and Changing Ideas
    Before the war, paper currency meant the money that the government printed, After the war, currency took on the broader sense that it is known as today.
  • Paper Money Portraits

    Paper Money Portraits
    Since 1928, the portraits on paper money have been the same.
  • Dollar Bill Counterfit Protection

    Dollar Bill Counterfit Protection
    In 1996, design changes were made to the dollar bill in order to stop counterfitting.
  • Commemorative Quarters

    Commemorative Quarters
    For 10 years, the US issued quarters commemerating each of the 50 states in order of their addition to the US.
  • Penny Debate

    Penny Debate
    the US had a debate on wether the penny needed to continue being minted, it costs more to make a penny than it is worth.