Cornelius Vanderbilt

  • Cornelius Vanderbilt Birth Date.

    Cornelius Vanderbilt Birth Date.
    Cornelius Vanderbilt was born on May 27 1794 in Staten Island, New York City. When he grew up he ended up to be 6 ft.
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    Cornelius Vanderbilt

    Known as the commodore.
  • working with his father

    working with his father
    He worked with his father and he drove ships that is how he got interested in the steamboat business. Then after that he started his own steam ship business and then he quit and got into the railroad business. His father died before Cornelius Vanderbilt got into the railroad business.
  • Why he was important

    Why he was important
    Vanderbilt was important because he was involved in the shipping and railroad business. He was a millionaire that actually made the railroads we have today more efficient. He made it more efficient by building another station.
  • The Commodore

    The Commodore
    Vanderbilt got the name of the commodore but he thought Louis Goldsborough was a commodore and Vanderbilt thought he wasn't a commodore.
  • Vanderbilt's Wealth

    Vanderbilt's Wealth
    After the war of 1812 the commodore had earned $10,000 shipping people back and fourth. When he was 11 years old he earned $1,000 with 2 sailing ships and he had to split the money the 2 of his parents. His fortune rose to 40 million in 1863. When he died in 1877 he was worth 100 million
  • Vanderbilt's marriage

    Vanderbilt's marriage
    Vanderbilt married his cousin and neighbor Sophia Johnson then when she died he married a distance cousin named Ms. Crawford which is in the name of Frank Armstrong Crawford.
  • Vanderbilt's job

    Vanderbilt's job
    Cornelius Vanderbilt joined and worked with Thomas Gibbons in the steam work business
  • What he did after the steamship business

    What he did after the steamship business
    The commodore started getting into railroads after the steamship business he actually built a railroad that ran through Atlanta Georgia. He was in the railroad business from 1863 until he died in 1877.
  • railroads then and now

    railroads then and now
    Railroads back then were slow and not very efficient now with Vanderbilt's extra station and a lot more that other people have built and upgraded the railroads and trains every thing is more efficient and we get coal that powers our houses to the power plants that much quicker and all the corn and soybeans markets get shipped out.
  • how he was helpful

    Vanderbilt was helpful by creating another station that made shipping quicker and more efficient. He also built boats before the railroad business so he helped us ship things over rivers and oceans by inventing some boats.
  • The railroad

    The railroad
    Cornelius Vanderbilt took control numbers of railroads that ran from New York all the way to Chicago. Cornelius Vanderbilt forced the build of Manhattans grand central depot.
  • Vanderbilt's death date

    Vanderbilt's death date
    Vanderbilt died on January 4th 1877 in Manhattan, New York City. He died at the age of 82 because of fatigue. Fatigue is a disease that make a person feel tired or dizzily.