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Contributors and Inventions in Energy History

  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin was able to identify that static electricity and lightning were the same through his kite and key experiment.
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  • Alessandro Volta

    Alessandro Volta
    Alessandro Volta invented the first battery. The term "volt" is named after Volta.
  • Hans Christian Oersted

    Hans Christian Oersted
    During a lecture on April 21, 1820, Hans Christian Oersted confirmed that there is a direct relationship between magnetism and electricity.
  • William Sturgeon

    William Sturgeon
    William Sturgeon invented the first, successful electric motors.
  • Joseph Henry

    Joseph Henry
    Joseph Henry invented the electrical relay, which is used to send electrical currents through long distances.
  • Samuel Morse

    Samuel Morse
    Samuel Morse invented the first single-wire telegraph system.
  • Joseph Swan

    Joseph Swan
    Joseph Swan invented the first incandescent light bulb using carbonized paper filaments.
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison
    Using thin, coiled carbon filament, Thomas Edison successfully constructed a long-lasting incandescent light bulb.
  • Werner von Siemens

    Werner von Siemens
    Werner von Siemens invented the first electric elevator.
  • Shippingport Reactor in Pennsylvania

    Shippingport Reactor in Pennsylvania
    The Shippingport Reactor is the world's first atomic electrical power plant. The first electrical power was produced on Dec. 18, 1957.