Fathers lg


By Korn
  • Birth of him

    alexander mackzine was born
  • marriage of alexander mackzine

    im not sure of the date Mackenzie married Helen Neil i only knw the year not the day
  • erly campaing

    He campaigned relentlessly for George Brown, owner of the Reformist paper The Globe in the 1851 election
  • second marrige

    he married Jane Sym at the time day i do not know
  • being the second priminster

    at this point in time alexander mackanzie became the first priminster of canada
  • Lost Priminstership

    as of that time He lost priminstership to the new priminster(at the time) sir john a macdonald again as formerly being the first priminster of canada
  • Death of Alexander Macknize

    in the end of his life he died from a stroke that resulted from hitting his head during a fall at the age of 70 that today would be classified as a concussion