Concepts of Energy

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    Concepts of Energy

  • Gottfried Leibniz

    Gottfried Leibniz
    Leibniz thought of developed the first ideas about energy after watching Newton's cradle. He thought that the reason the first ball could move the last ball nearly the same height was becasue the energy was being moved through all the balls before it.
  • Joseph Black

    Joseph Black
    Joseph thought os heat as beeing a fluid that transfers form hot to cold things. He determined this when he placed a cold object into a hot cup of water; Black called this the Caloric Fluid. Although this was't correct his obsercations helped some of the basic understanding of thermodynamics.
  • Count Rumford

    Count Rumford
    Discovered by observing workers boring a hole that a huge amount of heat was produced enough to boil a kettle of water. This showed that heat was not a fluid like Black had thought. This also showed that with movement on a surface mechanical energy and heat were related.
  • James Prescott Joule

    James Prescott Joule
    Joule thought that heat was just another form of energy like kinetic or potential. He experimented this by dropping weights with kinetic engery that were hooked up to an appartus that goes into water. As the weights fell the water heated up and he realized and comfirmed that heat is jjust another form of energy.